Accounting Outsourcing

Electronic service process

We respect your time. If you decide to cooperate with Clever, your accounting duties will end in one - delivery of documents to us. At Clever, we care about the environment, we are completely electronic, all you need to do is send us your documents by scan, via disk or using a dedicated IT solution, which is the Office portal, in which you have all documents, settlements and messages in one place available online 24/7. It's enough! We will take care of the rest. For our clients who pay their invoices on time, we also have a surprise: courier for free! If you pay our invoice on time, we will send you a courier for paper documents next month at our expense. Then we archive them.

Think how convenient it is!

Full accountancy

With us, you can keep full accounting, where the price includes a monthly balance sheet, profit and loss account and detailed cost and revenue analyzes. Thanks to this, without spending a lot of time, you can fully control the finances of your company and adapt your development strategy to the current state.

Every month, after the documents are handed over to us by the office portal, by scan or by traditional means,
your accountant will prepare appropriate technical reports for you, including:

  • • Balance sheet
    • Profit and Loss Account
    • Statement of Turnover and Balances
    • Settlements
    • Tax report

In the "Settlements" report you can see all the most important data about your company, the status of receivables and liabilities, which other documents you should provide. The technical balance sheet and profit and loss report provided on a monthly basis allows you to control the company's results and make appropriate business decisions. In addition, the office portal will remind you about tax payments. We will send all necessary declarations electronically.

Simplified Accounting

If you run a business or other entity that settles on the basis of the so-called a simplified form of bookkeeping (eg Tax Book of revenues and expenses or Lump sum on recorded income), this form of bookkeeping will be the most suitable for you. The book of revenues and expenses is a simplified form of accounting, which allows, however, to include the costs of running a business in settlements, and thus reduce the tax base and income tax.
Every month, after the documents are handed over to us by the office portal, by scan or by traditional means,
your accountant will prepare appropriate reports for you, including:

• Revenue and Expenditure Book or Records
• Summary
• Tax report

Additionally, the portal of the office will remind you about the payment of taxes and social security contributions. We will send all necessary declarations electronically.

If you would like to receive more reports, your tutor can generate them for you and analyze the results together with you. You have the sales results on an ongoing basis in a dedicated system to handle it. We reply to messages within 24 hours, and we offer the possibility of uploading transfers to the bank!

What makes us stand out?

◆ Streamlining the processes related to the circulation of accounting documentation, eg: a remote invoicing system.

◆ Electronic accounting process - all documents are archived by us electronically.

Portal of the office - accounting settlements and electronic document flow: results, taxes, documents and settlements on a regular basis 24/7.

Subiekt 123 - a simplified system for issuing invoices on-line

◆ Optimizing costs and processes.

◆ Taking care of the interests of our clients.

◆ Security of confidential information - results.

◆ Support for bank transfers.

◆ Accounting consultancy.

◆ Providing economic information in the field of Accounting.

◆ Good Accountant is a team of people, an accounting team sensitive to the client's needs.

◆ Dedicated employees.

◆ Handling of accounting records.

◆ Contacts with the Tax Office.

◆ Support in inspections of state authorities.

Rozwiązania IT

Portal Biura | Subiekt 123

Jako nowoczesna firma księgowa, korzystamy z szeregu rozwiązań IT, po to by ułatwić naszym Klientom przepływ dokumentacji i informacji. W ramach stałej współpracy oferujemy Klientom poniższe rozwiązania informatyczne:

  • Portal Biura wspiera komunikację między klientem a biurem rachunkowym. Jest najwygodniejszym i
    najszybszym sposobem dostarczania niezbędnych informacji naszym Klientom.
    Portal Biura oferuje• informacje o kwotach podatków i składkach ZUS do zapłacenia wraz z parametrami
    • • szczegółowe informacje o podatku dochodowym i podatku VAT,
    • • informacje o wynagrodzeniach pracowników,
    • • podsumowania miesięczne poszczególnych typów podatków wraz z rozrachunkami i wynagrodzeniami,
    • • szczegółowe raporty.
  • Subiekt 123 to uproszczony system do wystawiania faktur on-line. Wystawienie faktury, czy paragonu zajmuje tylko kilkadziesiąt sekund. Korzystasz z gotowych danych klientów i listy produktów wprowadzonych wcześniej w aplikacji. Wybierasz formę i termin płatności. Ewentualnie zaznaczasz odwrotne obciążenie. Dla wystawionych dokumentów możesz łatwo wygenerować pliki PDF i wysłać je bezpośrednio do klientów. W razie potrzeby możesz też dokonać ich korekty.