Personnel and Payroll Outsourcing

Are you hiring employees?
Forward your HR and payroll issues to Clever!

Personnel issues are labor intensive and can be complex. If you want to have control over everything, and at the same time be sure that your employees are reliably and 100% correctly accounted for - rely on our HR and payroll outsourcing.

We will run employee files for you, a dedicated HR representative will take care of your employee matters, advise you and analyze HR matters in your company. We will provide you with templates of employee documents, we can also fill them in at your request. Every month, after the documents are handed over to us by the office portal, by scan or by traditional means, your HR will prepare appropriate reports for you, including

• Payroll / Bill of Accounts
• Disbursement Slips / Bills
• Banking instructions for payment of taxes and contributions
• We offer the possibility of uploading salaries to the bank
• Leave status
• Status of health and safety research and training

Use the employee portal that we offer, thanks to which your employees will have remote access to their leaves and settlements! In addition, the office portal will remind you about tax payments. We will send all necessary declarations electronically.

If you would like to receive more reports, your tutor can generate them for you and analyze the results together with you. You have the sales results on an ongoing basis in a dedicated system to handle it. We reply to messages within 24 hours, and we offer the possibility of uploading transfers to the bank!

What makes us stand out?

◆ Streamlining of processes related to employee issues, such as: leave applications, health and safety, employment system.
BHP, system zatrudnienia.
◆ Electronic personal files - all documents are archived by us electronically.
Employee Portal - employee settlements - salaries and leaves on a regular basis 24/7.
◆ Optimizing costs and processes.
◆ Taking care of the interests of our clients.
◆ Security of confidential information - payroll and employee records.
◆ Support for bank transfers.
◆ HR and Payroll Consulting.
◆ Providing economic information in the field of Human Resources and Payroll.
◆ Good HR is a team of people, a HR and Payroll Team, sensitive to the client's needs.
◆ Dedicated employees.
◆ Handling of employee documentation.
◆ Contacts with ZUS and US.
◆ Support in inspections of state authorities.

Rozwiązania IT

Employee Portal

Portal pracownika, to internetowy serwis, w którym pracownicy mogą zgłaszać planowane urlopy, sprawdzać wymiar należnego i pozostałego urlopu oraz weryfikować naliczone dla nich wynagrodzenia. Pracownicy obciążeni potrąceniem komorniczym mogą również sprawdzić, jaka kwota została już spłacona i ile pozostało do spłaty.