Virtual Office

Welcome to Your Seat!

A place that was created to support your business. We know how much time and work it costs to develop your own business. As a comprehensive accounting solution, we have created your Headquarters. We will take care of the labor-intensive office activities, such as correspondence management, so that you can focus on developing your business during this time.

Comprehensive offer for demanding customers!

See what we can do for you.

We know that trust is key. Our qualified staff will not only help you choose the best services for you, but will also take care of your customers efficiently and with a smile. Thanks to our experience, openness and grouping of services in one place, our offer is distinguished by competitive prices. We always adjust it to the actual needs of your company. We are focused on saving your time and money. With your seat, you will get all the benefits of running an office in the city center, without astronomical costs. Get a virtual office at your disposal and a recognizable virtual address in the center - convenience and prestige in one! For young companies, it is a simple way to make their business credible, and for the rest, additional help in gaining the trust of customers.

If no package meets your expectations, please contact us - we will prepare a package especially for you!

79 zł

Biuro Alfa

99 zł

biuro beta

129 zł

biuro sigma

The given amounts are for a net monthly fee. When purchasing accounting services, Biuro Sigma costs PLN 79 net per month.