Knowledge and experience

Our employees are experienced professionals. We are present at every stage, helping with complex problems and queries. We are happy to answer questions and clarify ambiguities. Drawing on knowledge and experience, we implement our tasks decisively and effectively. We are a business partner you can rely on!

Jacek Kaliński

Partner and Chief Accountant of the company. An expert in the field of capital market and investment accounting. He has the Accounting Specialist Certificate of the Accountants Association in Poland and the Accounting Certificate of the Ministry of Finance. The owner of 2 Kandel Berry dogs. 😉His passion is sailing (recently - a yacht sailor, just conquered), he exercises on a rowing ergonometer almost every day. He lives in Białołęka, where he oxygenates :).

Jacek Kaliński | Chairman of the Board

Maksymilian Lewandowski

Partner and Relationship Manager. In his work, Maks mainly deals with company management. He cares about good relations with clients because he believes that it is the basis for building a strong enterprise. An expert in the field of business consulting. In his spare time, he practices outdoor sports. He loves to cook and watch culinary shows that inspire him to create new dishes.

Maksymilian Lewandowski | Proxy

Mykyta Kupchuk

Na co dzień zajmuje się przede wszystkim układaniem procesów operacyjnych. Deleguje i czuwa nad poprawnością wykonywanych zadań, aby szybko i efektywnie odpowiadać na potrzeby Klientów. Ekspert w dziedzinie księgowości spółek i podatków. W wolnym czasie fascynuje się fotografią. Mykyta lubi próbować nowe dania, szczególnie uwielbia potrawy kuchni bałkańskiej.

Mykyta Kupchuk | Office manager

Patryk Pułka

In 2019, he obtained the Certificate of the Association of Accountants in Poland. As a HR and Payroll specialist, he watches over the correctness of HR settlements and the work of his team on a daily basis. He likes to read a lot, both "developing" books and thrillers. In her spare time, she cooks, plays with her dog, and plays volleyball.

Patryk Pułka | Human Resources and Payroll Coordinator

Magdalena Pawelec

He does the impossible in his work 😊. She coordinates the work of the management office and supports the management board and the entire office in correct relations with the company's clients and contractors. He takes care of the company's marketing and communication. He likes spending weekends outside the city, riding his bike. He likes to discover new flavors, which is why he is happy to visit new places on the gastronomic map of Poland.

Magdalena Pawelec | Coordinator of the Management Office

Cezary Kurec

Czarek, together with the Management Board Office, ensures good relations with the client and establishes relations with new business entities. He likes to play the guitar, is a musical freak. He 😉collects vinyls, mainly with classic rock and pop songs from the 80s. His collection includes albums by Boney M and Michael Jackson, among others. It can boast a Wham vinyl and the best Christmas song "Last Christmas".

Cezary KurecRelationship Manager - Management Office  

Jolanta Lewandowska

Our first contact with the client. On a daily basis, she takes care of the correct and efficient circulation of documentation. She also conducts HR and administrative matters of Clever Investment. Passionate reader of Janusz Leon Wiśniewski, as well as expert yeast dough cook 😉.

Jolanta Lewandowska Administration - Management Office

Kinga Pośpiech

Kinga deals with the accounting of companies from the construction and transport sectors, among others, supports the team in their daily work. He likes listening to music, reading books, watching TV series under a tea blanket 😉. In his spare time, he exercises to be fit.

Kinga Pośpiech | Bookkeeping

Dominik Haczykowski

Dominik deals with the accounting of large commercial companies as well as foundations and associations. He is interested in fishing, freshwater aquariums, old motorization (see repairing motorcycles). In his spare time he rides a bike, cooks and "picks" cars.

Dominik Haczykowski | Bookkeeping

Michał Frelas

On a daily basis, Michał deals with settlements of large service companies and companies from the medical sector. He is interested in sports, loves to drive a car - sometimes too fast: D. A fan of James Bond and Pirates of the Caribbean. Our Agent 007.

Michał Frelas | Bookkeeping

Jakub Siwik

Kuba deals with settlements of companies that conduct international trade, internet sales and provide marketing services. He does many sports, including running, basketball, and football. He likes going to the theater and cinema. He likes eating spaghetti because that's the only thing he can prepare 😊.

Jakub Siwik | Bookkeeping

Robert Włodarczyk

In his daily work, Robert deals with settlements of companies from the commercial sector. In his free time, he rides a bike, plays computer games: DOOM Eternal, XCOM 2, A Hat in Time, and also writes poetry.

Robert Włodarczyk | Bookkeeping

Paweł Kaltenberg

Paweł deals with settlements of companies from the following sectors: real estate, internet sales and telemedicine services. His passions are sails, off-road tourism and photography. Paweł is the owner of two dogs from the TTB group.

Paweł Kaltenberg| Bookkeeping

Justyna Kiełbasa

On a daily basis, she supports the Accounting Department in the preparation of tax settlements and supports the team in everyday contacts with offices. Whenever she can, she enjoys reading books and watching movies - all but not fantasy. She spends his free time with his beloved cat.

Justyna Kiełbasa | Bookkeeping

Paulina Miturska

In her work, Paulina specializes in the correct approach to accounting documents and calculating declarations for sole proprietorships. She likes spending her free time actively with friends. He will not despise a good book and a movie on Netflix. Chemistry is her passion, she conducts experiments and reactions.

Paulina Miturska | Bookkeeping

Adrian Krasiński

On a daily basis, Adrian deals with calculating salaries, conducting other HR and Payroll activities and customer service. He is interested in home brewing and building computers. He is also interested in the history of armor from the Second World War. From time to time, if the weather and duties allow, he also likes to pull out his telescope and look at the sky.

Adrian Karasiński | HR and Payroll

Julia Szacherska

Julka supports the HR and Payroll team in contacts with ZUS, US, PFRON and customer service. In her spare time, she learns Korean. It makes her a lot of fun. She dreams of going there one day and visiting several cities. Julia has an artist's soul and draws beautifully.

Julia Szacherska | HR and Payroll

Katarzyna Kulesza

In her daily work, Kasia supports the accounting teams in correctly entering and presenting accounting documents. Kasia is a man of many talents, she can do minor home repairs, and she practices krav Maga. He is interested in art and voice emission. He is socially active and willing to help others. She loves spending her free time with friends, playing board games, solving logical puzzles, going to abandoned and hard to reach places.

Katarzyna Kulesza | Księgowość – Wsparcie

Paweł Cichowlas

Na co dzień wspiera Dział Księgowości w przygotowywaniu rozliczeń podatkowych oraz wspomaga zespół w codziennych kontaktach z urzędami.

Paweł Cichowlas | Księgowość – Wsparcie